Thursday, August 1, 2013

mySpot | Seoul, South Korea Trip 2013

Studying Korean Language wouldn't be complete if I will not test myself to go Seoul. I'm not an expert though but still I learned the basics. After watching endless Korean-Novelas (TV Series) and listening to songs, I decided that I wanted the real thing. 

Though I'm not a big fanatic of KPop unlike my other friends, it's just it is one of the places I wanted to visit on my bucket list. 

Traveling alone has been my challenge to myself and so far I am enjoying it. It's my second time to visit another country alone and it was really difficult because of the language difference but it was fun.

Despite of all the problems I encountered getting there and while being there, I still managed to enjoy my trip and meet new friends.

However, it was the wrong timing when I went there. It was the summer season and it was hot. But it was also fun since I get to visit the places I only see on TV. I must say I will be definitely going back to this place on another season. 


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